The following shows the various HTML5 date/time widgets in action. Note that at the time of this writing, Opera and some Webkit browsers are the only browser that renders the calendars natively - all the other browsers require html5Widgets. If you would like, you can force html5Widgets to render the calendars even if there is a native date implementation. Visit this example to see how it works and why you may want to consider this option.

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Internet Explorer 6 Retirement Timeline
Retirement Date of IE6 in your Office:
This uses the datetime-local input type
Retirement Date of IE6 in your Company:
This uses the datetime input type. Note the format is slightly different that in datetime-local.
Date You Will Quit If IE6 Remains:
This uses the date input type
Month Your Will Give Notice:
This uses the month input type
Week of Blissful Unemployment:
This uses the week input type