Accessible Log Displays

The log role is an ARIA-live region where new information is added in a meaningful order and old information may disappear. Things that could be considered logs are chat history and server logs (like in the example below).

I have noticed that some screen reader/browser combinations (like NVDA with Firefox) don't read out just the changes: they will read out the contents of the node in its entirety if something is added to the bottom. If the contents of the region is large, this defeats the purpose of using this region for updates only. It is for this reason I don't recommend using this role, but if you are an accessibility developer and have a different take on this, please let me know.

Example 1:

This doesn't seem to work as intended in many browser/screen reader combinations, so I advise not using it.

The following example is a log that will announce the CPU usage of the webserver every five seconds.

Initializing.  Please wait …

Code Walkthrough of the Above Example

Below is the HTML of the above example. Use the dropdown to highlight each of the individual steps that makes the example accessible.

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