I stand on the shoulders of others, and they haven’t yet complained about my shoemarks. To that end, I think it fitting to include some thank-yous, and hopefully increase their Google Page Ranking as well :-)

Fonts Used

This site uses the fonts Graublau Sans Web regular and bold by FDI, CP Mono by Liquitype and Droid Sans by Ascender Corporation. I’d like to thank these font foundries for making these fonts legal for me to embed in my site free-of-charge.

Software Used

This site uses WordPress blogging software. Image editing is done with The GIMP editing software, and HTML is created by hand with the assistance of the Aptana IDE. The fonts were converted with my own CSS3 Font Converter, which uses FontForge, sfnt2woff, Batik and Readable Web’s EOTFast, and FontForge to do the heavy lifting.  If I happen to be running Windows at the time, I run it with Cygwin.

All of this software is open source and free to download.

JavaScript Libraries

Unless otherwise stated, all JavaScripts used on this site were created by me, and are available under the MIT License. Although not required, I would be really happy if you send me any changes you make to my code so that I can learn from the additions made.

Last, but certainly not least.

This blog would never have been created had it not been for Sandy Law (a.k.a. naive), a long time coworker and friend. We would share with each other new web technology information, and she would always encourage me to share the information I had more publicly. I always said I would get to it eventually but I never did. When she passed away prematurely in 2009, I thought this would be a perfect project in which to keep her memory alive.

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